BlackBerry users finally get official BBC iPlayer

BlackBerry users finally get the official BBC iPlayer on their email-o-trons

BlackBerry users can now get the BBC iPlayer on their mobiles, which may encourage them to work a little less harder and make the rest of us all feel a little more human.

iPlayer on BlackBerry does what you would expect it to do, it streams video-on-demand from the BBC's new BlackBerry friendly BBC iPlayer page.

Works via Wi-Fi

You will need to be on a Wi-Fi connection to use BBC iPlayer for BlackBerry, and you will also need to have a BlackBerry running OS 4.2 to OS 5.0.

BBC iPlayer does not appear on BlackBerry App World as it works straight from your browser.

For more info head over to BBC BlackBerry Shortcuts

Via BBC BlackBerry Shortcuts