'Barcoo' barcode app promotes ethical consumerism

A new app that scans barcodes and tells you all about a brand's ethical profile is set to promote ethical shopping

There are a few mobile phone apps already available that let you scan products' barcodes to then compare pricing, but Barcoo is the first of its type that lets you find out about the brand's ethical profile.

Barcoo lets you check a company's social responsibility rating, environmental credentials and find out how it treats its staff.

Promotes ethical consumerism

Developed by a group of young Germans, the app is intended to motivate users to shop more ethically.

The data used by the app is taken from a range of sources, including company statements, recognised social responsibility studies and user feedback.

Barcoo is only currently available in Germany. No word yet on plans for an English-language release, but we imagine that this will only be a matter of time.

Developer Benjamin Thym said: "Our mission is to give transparency to consumers and to allow them to be critical while they are shopping.

"Just by scanning a product, they get a whole bundle of information.With many customers, there's a huge gulf between what they want and what they get, and while most say they are critical consumers very few practise this when in a shop."

Via The Guardian