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Apple victorious in nano-SIM standards battle

Apple victorious in nano-SIM standards battle
Nokia's unhappy at Apple's SIM standards win

Apple's proposed standard for the next generation of mobile SIM cards will lead the way following a favourable verdict from European regulators.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) have selected Apple's nano-SIM technology over submissions from rivals like RIM, Motorola and Nokia.

Cupertino had the support of many of the key European carriers with its super-slim solution that's 40 per cent smaller than the current micro-SIMs featured within gadgets like the iPhone 4S.

Nokia not happy

Nokia reacted to the decision, claiming Apple's solution is technically inferior to the other technologies proposed by the Nokia, RIM and Motorola proposal.

In a statement that Finnish manufacturer revealed: "Nokia continues to believe that the selected nano-SIM proposal is technically inferior and not suitable for a number of applications, but the ETSI Smart Card Platform Technical Committee has now made its decision.

"Nokia believes that the existing micro-SIM (3FF) will continue to be a preferred option for many manufacturers and devices and so ultimately the market will decide whether 4FF is widely adopted."

Via: PC Mag