Apple ramping up iPhone 5 volumes for the fourth quarter

Apple - increasing fouth quarter demand for the iPhone 5

Apple has reportedly began pushing up the amount of orders for the iPhone 5, preparing itself for what will be a massive fourth quarter for the company.

According to Digi Times, the company has slightly cut its expected volumes for the iPhone 5 in the third quarter to 5.5 million (it was said to be at 7 million) but increased the amount of iPhones it is shipping in the fourth quarter to 20 million, which is up a massive 6 million.

iPhone orders

When it comes to how the shipments are to be balanced out between the iPhone range, the iPhone 5 is set to take half of the total volume – which is said to be 56 million – while the iPhone 4 and 3GS will account for 20 million units in the third quarter.

This drops to 8 million in the second quarter.

The iPhone 5 UK release date is still unknown, but most signs a pointing to a September launch – a time of the year which Apple usually sets aside for the new iPod range.

To see why you should be excited by the iPhone 5, check out our video below.

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