Apple blocks Palm Pre on iTunes... again

Apple stops Palm which attacks Apple which stops Palm...

Apple has updated iTunes to version 9.0.2 - and guess what, it no longer allows you to synchronise the Palm Pre with the application any more.

Yes, we like you are almost crying in frustration over this latest 'news' - as has been reported over on

This means that we're back to square one again, with all the 'hard work' of the 1.2.1 update to the Pre firmware being undone by one little Apple fix.

Is there a problem here?

It's almost as if Apple doesn't want Palm to synchronise its devices in the same way as the iPhone. And it's like Palm wants to keep irritating Apple into giving up. Almost.

So instead of 'reporting' the latest instalment of this 'to me, to you' style of media management, we'll just be issuing this phrase as an update: "The Palm Pre will now sync with iTunes after a firmware update / Apple's latest firmware update has blocked the Pre from iTunes once more.'

Via The Register