Android now on 130 million devices

Android - getting bigger by the day
Android - getting bigger by the day

Google has revealed that its Android operating system is now on 130 million devices, with 550,000 more joining the Android party every day.

Back in May, Google announced that it had hit the 100 million Android activation milestone, which means it has added 30 million users in just a couple of months.

It's an extraordinary rate of growth for the OS, which can now be found on smartphones, tablets, all kinds of home appliances and even car dashboards.

Inevitable Apple comparison

Over at Infinite Loop, meanwhile, Apple's sitting atop a mountain of cash made by the 200 million iOS devices sold but is no doubt eyeing Google's progress shiftily.

With 550,000 new Android activations happening every day, Google is fast catching up with the fruity manufacturer.

But Apple still has an iPhone to launch this year and, if the rumours are anything to go by (and we're not entirely convinced that they are), another iPad coming – it'll be very interesting to see how the two operating systems' figures shape up towards the end of the year.

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