A deep dive into Windows Mobile 6.5

Internet Explorer Mobile has also been completely redesigned with a new engine, more touch friendly interface and built-in Adobe Flash Lite support to appease those who miss Flash on other handsets.

Windows mobile 6 5

Windows mobile 6 5

We'll reserve judgement on Windows Mobile 6.5 until it actually hits the streets, but we have to say we still found the experience a bit of a trial. Some things ran very slow, while the deference to old-style Windows Mobile when you delve deeper in the OS means the experience is never going to seem revolutionary.

Windows mobile 6 5

While 6.5 is a good update, only a complete rewrite can really convince us that Windows has a rightful place on a mobile handset. Let's hope Windows Mobile 7 can truly deliver. If it can't, Microsoft may find itself too far behind the game to catch up.


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