Vonage retrial appeal thrown out


A US federal appeals court has dismissed Vonage 's request for a retrial of its patent infringement case with Verizon .

Vonage had filed a motion for a retrial after it was ruled that it had infringed Verizon patents for its internet phone service. Vonage wanted the case retried on the basis of a landmark legal ruling on patents by the US Supreme Court on Monday.

The Supreme Court set a new legal standard for considering the obviousness of inventions when ruling on whether patents should be valid. Vonage had hoped this ruling would have implications on its ongoing patent infringement case. On March 8, a ruling against Vonage resulted in a $58 million (£29 million) damages award against Vonage.

Subsequently, Vonage has appealed the decision. That appeal is due to be heard on 25 June.

Although it decided yesterday not to order a retrial, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC did rule that Vonage could cite the US Supreme Court ruling as part of its forthcoming appeal.