BT makes £283 per customer

BT Vision: one new service that helps BT earn around £25 a month per customer

It's good to talk, if you're BT, which announced quarterly earnings that put it on track to make billions of pounds in profit this year.

BT's latest figures show that it made £745 million profit on revenue of over £5 billion in the last quarter - which works out at £283 per household for its consumer business, five quid more than this time last year.

BT reckons the increase is due to more customer buying multiple services - particularly broadband - together with fewer 'higher value' customers straying to budget phone and broadband providers.

Broadband bonanza

Despite a frosty economic climate, Brits are still switching to broadband at an impressive rate: about 3000 people every day over the last three months.

BT is still the leading provider of broadband in the UK, with its 4.6 million subscribers accounting for over a third of all DSL and LLU (local loop unbundled) connections.

It's not all good at the telecoms giant, though. BT's Global Services business division is struggling to find profitability, revenue from traditional telephone services is down by 8 per cent and overall profits are down by a slim 1 per cent.