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Google launches Priority Inbox for all mobile Gmail users

Priority Inbox is now available on most smartphones
Priority Inbox is now available on most smartphones

Google has updated the mobile version of Gmail to include its Priority Inbox feature, which you may remember from such email services as desktop Gmail.

Priority Inbox identifies important messages in your inbox and places them above and apart from other unread mail.

Previously, only desktop and Android devices could enjoy the prioritised email goodness, but now all handset browsers that support HTML5 can enjoy the frustration of missing an important email that wasn't deemed a priority by Google.


You'll need to have priority inbox set up on the desktop Gmail, then when you log in to from your phone's browser you can choose the priority inbox option from the menu.

Unfortunately you can't yet mark messages as important or unimportant from the mobile version.

Of course, it's not much good to anyone who has their mobile email set up to deliver straight to a messaging inbox, but if you prefer working from the browser then happy day for you.