Greenpeace slams Nintendo and Microsoft

Nintendo fails to move from bottom of Greenpeace's "chart of shame" in the latest reports from the leading environmental campaign group

Greenpeace has yet again slammed tech firms such as Nintendo and Microsoft in its latest Guide to Greener Electronics report.

Greenpeace's report ranks 18 leading technology companies based on energy use, approaches to electronic waste and the use of toxic chemicals in products.

Nintendo and Microsoft - FAIL

Nintendo remains right at the bottom of the environmental campaigners' "chart of shame" for its continuing failure to use enough recycled plastic or to use energy from renewable sources.

Second to last in the latest Greenpeace chart was Microsoft, with the Redmond tech giant yet again under fire for continuing use of Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) in its products.

Other leading consumer technology brands such as Apple, Motorola, Dell, Samsung, LG and others are all "lagging behind", according to Greenpeace.

Fins - WIN

Nokia was top of the chart, although still needs to improve its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, says Greenpeace.

Check out Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics version 10 online right now.

TechRadar has contacted Nintendo and Microsoft in the UK for responses to the report.