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Apple turns away iPhone punters

No iPhone for you
No iPhone for you

The UK flagship Apple store in Regent Street, London, has begun to turn away customers as they appear to have run out of devices.

T3's man on the street has just reported that the store is now telling people they can't have an iPhone. The exact reason is unconfirmed, although it's pretty obvious it hasn't got any left.

Marathon winners

The doors to the store opened this morning to a countdown country-wide, and people were apparently running in, arms held aloft like they'd won some kind of marathon.

It's hardly a shock that the device has run out, as the clamour for the iPhone 3G was bigger than any of the distributors could have envisaged.

But cheering on the way in to buy it? The last time we did that, Michael Keaton was donning the rubber suit as the Dark Knight in Batman Returns.

Now THAT'S a reason to queue.