Elgato re-tunes USB TV tuner range

The new EyeTV Hybrid: part of Elgato's new tuner range

Elgato, the Mac TV tuner specialist, has revamped its range of USB stick TV tuners, adding new features and a sleeker look.

The latest EyeTV Hybrid is both a digital and analogue tuner and is now equipped to pick up FM radio and DVB-C signals.

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There's also a secondary input that allows the used to digitise any input from the likes of a DVD and VHS player.

Digital tuning

If you prefer your tuning to be purely digital, then look no further than the EyeTV DTT and the EyeTV Diversity.

The DTT is a digital-only tuner has been specially made for notebooks – its slimmed-down chassis perfect for those with USB ports in close proximity of each other.

The Diversity also has two digital tuners and sports a new tilt-and-swivel antenna. It's also endowed with a splitter, so one aerial can feed both tuners.

Elgato's new Hybrid and DTT ranges are out in August costing £99.95 (hybrid) and £39.95 (DTT). The Diversity is out now for the princely sum of £79.95.