Logitech's fancy new air-mesh lapdesk

A nice thing to have in the house. Also, so is the Logitech Lapdesk.

If, like us, you enjoy idly surfing the web and checking your email while watching Eastenders of an evening then you might want to invest in Logitech's fancy new air-mesh Lapdesk.

As you can see right here from Logitech's very own 'lifestyle' shots of the gizmo, it does actually look like quite a handy thing to have around the house. The Lapdesk also looks nice (fired! – Ed).

Cool family jewels

Logitech claims that the Lapdesk's air-mesh padded underside also manages to keeps your legs cool, particularly useful for those men concerned about roasting their family jewels by sitting with a hot laptop balanced on their upper thighs for extended periods of time.

Logitech launches its Lapdesk early in the new year in the UK at a cost of £30.

We now await the launch of an Alienware-branded Lapdesk built from reinforced carbon-fibre and steel mesh, with an in-built glowing light.

Come on Alienware product design bods! Make it so!