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Asus Eee Desktop pictures surface

Wii and negative Wii
Wii and negative Wii

Asustek has released the first pictures of its Eee Desktop – and the small factor PC bears more than passing resemblance to Nintendo’s Wii games console.

Asus’ Eee sub-notebook has proven to be a massive hit for the company – selling nearly three quarters of a million units worldwide and creating a whole new niche in computing.

Now the company is looking to take this success in to the desktop sector – offering a small form-factor machine running the Xandos Linux the Eee sub-notebook offers, along with the same software suite.


The specs are still a closely guarded secret, but there is much talk of a healthily sized 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM.

The chances are this won’t be a high-end gaming machine – so don’t expect SLI GPUs – but the CPU chip could well be Intel’s new Diamondville processor.

The unit could be available soon, and we are waiting to hear from Asus on firm dates and prices.