New Google Android phone launches

The Kogan Agora is only the second Android phone

Google's new mobile operating system, Android, is now available on a handset that isn't the G1.

Only available in Australia, the phone is called the Kogan Agora, and will be available in Q1 of next year – 29 January, to be exact.

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Like the G1, the phone will feature a whole host of Google-based applications.

These include: Google Calendar, GMail, a Google search bar and instant access to Google Maps and YouTube.

UK shipping available

The phone will RRP in Australia for $299, and there will be a Pro version, costing $399.

Unlike the G1, the handsets won't have sliding features. Instead, the Agora has more of a BlackBerry candy bar look and utilises a 2.5-inch touchscreen.

Other features include 3G and Bluetooth. If you fancy the pro version, you will also get Wi-Fi, a 2MP camera and GPS.

UK users don't have to feel left out, either. The phones are available for international shipping, which will cost you around £150 for the Kogan Agora and £200 for the Kogan Agora Pro.