Wireless broadband stretched across 30 miles


If you’re feeling smug about getting your home Wi-Fi connection to stretch to the bottom of the garden, then take a look at the impressive feat managed by a bunch of Japanese geeks who’ve just broken their national Wi-Fi distance record.

Unlike other attempts to stretch wireless connections that focus on simply maintaining a link regardless of bandwidth, the team from Japan Radio Co. (JRC) was able to sustain an 8Mbps link across 47.5km of ocean.

Plain vanilla Wi-Fi

The 802.11g router JRC used received a helping hand from a pair of parabolic antennas, but the connection was otherwise a bog-standard Wi-Fi setup.

While it’s nice to have a national record in the bag, JRC says it plans to use the same procedure to bring wireless broadband to some of the remote islands in the far west of Japan.