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Details leak of AMD's Centrino spoiler

The new AMD mobile platform will mean better battery life

Details have leaked on the web about AMD 's next-generation laptop platform - intended to knock the stuffing out of Intel 's forthcoming Centrino announcements.

As we previously reported, Intel's Santa Rosa refresh of its Centrino mobile platform is imminent, and AMD wants to spoil the party. Indeed, it has invited to a hush-hush briefing next week in London which is under strict embargo.

After AMD's recent below-par performance, it could turn out to be worth going; Australian CNET reports that the new platform boasts a 25 per cent increase in battery life. Over what, we're not quite sure, but it sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

The company's M690 chipset will debut, which includes ATI-derived X1200 series graphics. This includes support for Turion X2 65nm process-based processors as well as draft 802.11n wireless. There will also be fast-boot memory technology included within the chipset.

Called Display Cache, it will allow the processor to operate on a low power setting without accessing the system memory.