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Sony brings W-Series wearable Walkmans

The W-Series - wearable
The W-Series - wearable

Not content with showing off its rather nifty iPod Touch rival X-series Walkman, Sony has also shown off a new W-Series for the more active among you.

The X-Series has already wowed CES, but for those wanting to go out jogging (shudder) then it could well be the W-Series that most floats your healthy boat.

Quick charge

Boasting a quick 3-minute charge for 90 minutes of playback, 'superior sound quality', 13.5mm EX headphones and a distinct lack of cables, the W-Series certainly looks the part.

Obviously that lack of cables is down to the fact that the player bit is built into the cans.

It's set to be available in the UK in Spring 2009, and comes in five colours - black, white, pink, green and violet.

From CES 2009