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The iPhone - now in black?

Apple iPhone
Getting a makeover

The US carrier of the iPhone, AT&T, has started showing the ‘iPhone Black’ alongside the regular model, sparking rumours it is ramping up for the release of the 3G iPhone.

AT&T have moved to dispel the growing tide of opinion, simply saying the extra option was designed to distinguish between the various memory capacities of the models, which makes very little sense to be honest (black=4GB/8GB/16GB? What?)

It was a mistake, guv

However, the network said it is changing the site to rectify the error, though since it is only accessible to AT&T users wishing to upgrade their phone this has not been confirmed.

The presence of the extra option would likely point to the offering of a black shell rather than the traditional aluminium shell, though how exciting that news would be if it applied to the current generation of iPhones remains to be seen.

If nothing else, you can say you are on THE bleeding edge of iPhone fashion…until they release the 3G version the day after you buy it. That’ll teach you.