Sony Ericsson Xperia: delayed or not?

The Xperia is currently shown as being released in October

There have been far too many rumours about when the Sony Xperia X1 is going to land. Some say it's as late as February 2009, some say next month.

The Sony Ericsson site seemed to have settled the matter when it showed the handset coming in January 2009.

But now Boy Genius Reports has shown the site has now changed its mind, and will be releasing the X1 in October.

Beans spilt

Retailer Expansys appeared to have broken the silence on this device by showing the phone and even going so far as to list a price for it. But what's the truth?

If the official Sony Ericsson website carries on the way it is, we could have the Windows Mobile totin' smartphone in just over 30 days...which would be nice.

But lest we forget tales of incompatibility with Windows Mobile 6.1 that could screw the whole thing up again.

We know one thing...this better be a good handset when it gets here!