Sony Ericsson uses phones to meet bands

Sony Ericsson launches new site to meet bands

Sony Ericsson is launching a new mobile site designed to further help close the ties between its mobile phones and the Walkman brand, with users able to interact with their favourite bands.

The Swedish-Japanese manufacturer is working with Q magazine to set up a series of 'intimate' (no, not that kind) of gigs at the Hard Rock Cafe, and will be making content from these events available on the new site.

Mobile questions

Users will be able to submit questions via their mobile for their favourite bands to answer, and the best will be allowed to quiz the bands in person after the site goes live on Friday.

Sony Ericsson isn't the first technology company to get involved with gigs, as both Nokia, O2 and iTunes sponsor such events around the UK.

As the mobile industry attempts to get more people to ditch their iPods and switch to mobile phones instead for their tunes, it's likely we'll see more in the future too, so make sure you're up to speed with what your mobile phone is up to on the gig scene.