Samsung Haptic 2: a HUGE handset

These girls... they know a gadget when they're paid to hold one eh?

Samsung has been getting all buzz happy with its touchscreen handsets recently, much in the same vein as Korean neighbours LG, so the new Haptic 2 is not really a huge surprise.

What is surprising is the screen size, which is a massive 3.2in (only a bit smaller than the iPhone), which even features a user-definable haptic feedback system (as you might have guessed from the name.)

It features a 5MP camera, which is becoming the norm on all new Samsung phones, as well as an option to add up to 50 widget icons to the home screen.

Music Therapy

An interesting feature, and possibly one only destined for the Asian market, is 'Music Therapy', which displays calming music and videos for those hectic moments in the day.

In true 'why on earth is that in there style', it also has a geomagnetic sensor, which we assume is for compass functions... essential in any mobile phone these days.

The phone is going to come in 4GB and 16GB flavours, and will help strengthen Samsung's already impressive stable of phones (though we have no idea whether it will help repair the disappointment caused by the Omnia...)