Rumour: Motorola bets farm on 'super-phone'

Motorola rumoured to be betting the farm on a single mega-mobile

Motorola is rumoured to be working on a 'super cell-phone' with an eight megapixel camera, an Nvideo graphics chip for gaming and video on the go and a built-in GPS.

Boy Genius Report claims that the phone has been described to them by Motorola insiders "as being Motorola's "last stand"… Internally, everyone is hedging their bets on this bad boy, and if this doesn't get accepted like Motorola hopes it will, it's all over for them."


TechRadar has contacted Motorola UK for further comment and confirmation or denial on the above rumour. Stay tuned for updates as we get them.

The report adds that the specs on the phone, codenamed Alexander are as follows:

  • 8 megapixel camera phone
  • built-in NVIDIA chip which will handle both video and 3D graphics.
  • GPS
  • Possible touch screen – to be confirmed
  • Rumoured to run UIQ as the OS, "probably version 4.0 or higher."
  • Release set for October