Direct podcast downloads on iPhone

Podcasts come direct to iPhone with the forthcoming firmware 2.2 update due very soon

Like podcasts? Got an iPhone? With Apple's forthcoming iPhone 2.2 update you will be able to download podcasts direct to your 3Gesus phone on the go, with no more need to hook up your phone to your desktop or laptop to get your podcast fix.

iPhone firmware version 2.2 will support audio and video podcasts up to 10 MB in size, according to the German Flo's blog that details Podcasting on iPhone 2.2.

Other new features expected from the new firmware update include upgrades to Google Maps, with support for Street View offering turn-by-turn directions for walking and using public transport, so you need never get lost on a random London omnibus ever again.

No confirmed date for when the firmware 2.2 update is due, but it should be at some point very soon.

Stay tuned for more iPhone updates as we get them.