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New Palm Treo Pro images leaked

The leaked Treo Pro smartphone
The leaked Treo Pro smartphone

Palm might not be the biggest name in the smartphone market any more, but at least it still inspires some excitement on the rumour mill.

After the emerging dominance of RIM's BlackBerry, the new Palm Treo Pro has done well to be so highly touted. And judging by the new shots from a leaked flash presentation that wasn't taken down quickly enough, the handset looks pretty nice too.

It might not be hugely different to what's on the market at the moment, but the layout of the keys is fairly well put together.

Keys too close

The keys on the QWERTY keyboard might be a little too close together, but the rounded 'OK', pick-up and terminate buttons look the part, as does the polished black finish.

According to a few sources, the consensus of opinion is that the Treo Pro will have a 2MP camera, MicroSD support up to 32GB, and both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

It will also come with a 1500 mAh battery, so all that button bashing will just go on and on and on...lovely.

No word on release yet, but the rumours are slating this for a 2009 entrance.