Microsoft: We're the plucky underdogs of mobile

Microsoft's plucky underdog self-image grates against its massive marketing spend

During a panel session talking about the future of mobile, a Microsoft spokesperson revealed that the company is having a ball being the 'plucky underdog' of the mobile industry.

Speaking about the 'app effect' on mobiles, Ashley Highfield, MD and VP of Consumer and Online UK at Microsoft, talked with glee about the current success of Windows Phone 7.

He told attendees, "We launched Windows Phone 7 at the tail end of last year and in the first six weeks we sold 1.5m handsets globally.

"So yes, we're back. And it's nice to play the role of the plucky underdog."

Not for long

It's quite difficult to equate globally dominant, multi-billion-dollar earning computer conglomerate Microsoft with the endearing implications of the phrase 'plucky underdog', but apparently that's how the company sees itself.

For now, at least – Highfield was also quick to clarify that Microsoft is pursuing aggressive growth in the mobile arena:

"But we're in it for the long haul and I think our recent Nokia announcement cements our intent to join the big boys in the smartphone market and take the share we think is up for grabs."