iPhone Flip follows the Nano out of China

The iPhone Flip... (Not) coming soon to O2

Not content with producing an iPhone Nano, it seems the copyright-infringers in China are having another swipe at Apple's design policy, this time coming out with the iPhone Flip.

As you can see... it's a flip handset with Apple branding, and a small external display for important call screening.

Better than Apple

But wait... there's more! It's got a 2.6in screen, a 3MP camera (that's right... BETTER than the iPhone) a media player and 'some games'... we're thinking something stolen from Sony's PSP to keep the atmosphere alive.

Things it doesn't have: aGPS, Wi-Fi, email.... basically everything. Well, it might have a bit of functionality, but given we slept through our Mandarin classes, we have no idea what that might be.

Anyway, it's only £65, so if you're happy ordering stuff from people that like to break the law, get your hands on one and confuse your friends.