HTC launches 'ice white' Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond now available in white... for fashionistas

HTC has announced an 'ice white' version of its popular HTC Touch Diamond smartphone for those users that want something a little different.

Providing you don't have filthy mitts and that you see yourself as a "style conscious fashionista", you will be glad to hear that the white Diamond offers the same "great features of the classic black Diamond" and "continues the HTC tradition of combining elegant style with leading mobile technology."

Quite smart phone

If you want a smartphone that is not the iPhone (and with a slightly better camera), purely to stand out from the crowd at the no-doubt bleeding-edge trendy Hoxton square bars you frequent (should you be in HTC's target market for this device) then you might also be interested to hear that it, like its forgotten-about po' black predecessor makes use of HTC's 'TouchFLO 3D' touch interface for you to access your messaging, email, photos, music, weather and stuff.

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