Dell plans Apple iPhone rival

Dell might want a piece of the Apple action...or might not

In an admission of possible laid-back warmongering among handset manufacturers, Dell's CEO Michael Dell has said the company may get involved in the handset market.

However, he stated it wouldn't be any time soon, and wouldn't give any reason for the lack of date for the move into new markets for Dell.

"I think you will see us with small screen devices," Dell said according to Reuters, when pressed on whether the firm is planning to create a device to rival the iPhone, which has moved the mobile phone closer to the PC market.

Smaller devices

"You'll see us with smaller and smaller devices that have capabilities of the devices you are referring to. Not in the near-term," he added, possibly with a languid wave of the hand to show a laissez-faire attitude to the whole thing, hinting Dell can't be bothered right now.

Or it could just be the company wants to wait and assess an emerging market before committing a huge amount of money to it. But the former option sounds more fun.