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Apple pulls pornographic iPhone app

Your iPhone is now porn free
Your iPhone is now porn free

An iPhone application by FunMobility has been removed from the app store due to it housing apparent pornographic content.

The application, called Wallpaper Universe, was essentially an app that would let you download racy images on to your iPhone.

After being on the site for a few days, the not-exactly eagle-eyed App Store moderators decided to ban the offending material.

The downloadable wallpaper featured an array of scantily clad ladies, and had descriptions like the grammatically inept 'I lick this one of me' and 'Bombshell3'. TechRadar is getting hot under the collar just thinking about it.

App mystery

It's still a mystery how the application made it on to the App Store in the first place, given the strict rules Apple has put in place about the apps it sells on the site.

It wasn't even Apple who spotted the offending article first, but a reporter from VentureBeat.

This isn't the first high-profile banning of an application either. Earlier this year, a comic-book application, Murderdrome, was deemed too controversial.

This application was also available on the App Store for a small amount of time, before being banned outright.