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Will iPad 3 actually be iPad 2S?

iPad 3 actually an iPad 2S?
Chinese case maker sets pace in iPad race

An iPad case maker in China, Chinee, has started to sell a cover for a device it's calling 'iPad 2S'.

Case manufactures have a good history of being on the money when it comes to pre-empting Apple's hardware plans, with last year's iPhone 5-gate being an exception to the rule.

There is no confusion of where the iPad 2S name derives from – following the way of the iPhone as we saw Apple announce the iPhone 4S last year.

Piling on the pounds

According to several rumours the iPad 3 (or iPad 2S?) will sport the same look as the 2, with a boost in internal gubbins but slightly more portly in depth.

Chinee claims to of received information along these lines via a source from within Apple and has produce its case to fit an iPad (be that a 3 or a iPad 2S) which is 1mm thicker than the current iPad 2.

This particular case seems to have a slightly larger hole in the rear for the camera, which backs up other reports which suggest the iPad 3/2S will pack an improved snapper, but the hint of a flash has not been supported in the Chinee design.