What is a tablet? Qualcomm has an answer, but is it THE answer?

What is a tablet Qualcomm has an answer but is it THE answer

It's a question which has been in dire need of a comprehensive answer for sometime now - what exactly is a tablet? Luckily Qualcomm's here to sort it out.

Speaking at the firm's annual Uplinq conference in San Diego, executive vice president Murthy Renduchintala set us straight: "I don't know what you guys consider a tablet as, but I just think of it as a bigger smartphone. I don't see the tablet being an evolution of the laptop."

"I see the tablet being the evolution of the smartphone, and the technologies you require in a smartphone are exactly the same as what's required in a tablet." Got that people? Small laptop no, big smartphone yes. We can all rest a little easier now.


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