Sony Xperia Tablet press photos leak, looks slick

Sony Xperia Tablet press photos leak looks slick

An IFA 2012 launch date for the Sony Xperia Tablet seems pretty much assured as new press shots have emerged.

The pictures show the same slim slate that we first saw a few weeks ago, keeping the 'folded magazine page' design of the Tablet S.

These images are much clearer and confirm the Xperia branding, if you choose to believe that they're legit.

Xperia Tablet

Image credit: Xperia Blog

The homescreen shown implies that the Xperia Tablet will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (although it's entirely possible that a Jelly Bean upgrade is on the cards).


It's not entirely clear where exactly these pictures came from, so we'd advise retaining a healthy dose of scepticism, although they do look quite believable.

Sony Xperia Tablet

Image credit: Xperia Blog

Previously posited specifications include a 9.4-inch display, 8MP rear-mounted camera, 1MP front snapper, 6,000 mAh battery and a new 64GB model joining the 16GB and 32GB editions.

We'll be on the ground at Sony's IFA 2012 press conference so stay tuned for the official launch of the tablet and our hands on Sony Xperia Tablet review to boot.

From Xperia Blog via SlashGear