Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Vodafone

Vodafone has confirmed to TechRadar it will be stocking the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the near future.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is set for an October worldwide release, but a UK release date has not been set.

Vodafone couldn't give any details on UK pricing, but Samsung has stated that it will be 'competitive' due to the components used in the manufacture, such as a Super-TFT LCD screen over a larger Super AMOLED version.

Network partners

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will only be coming via network partners at launch, although Samsung has confirmed that it will 'consider other options' in the future, so could be pushing the tablet out on a SIM free solution too.

It would make sense that the UK release date would be around the October time frame, as it would help prepare the device for sale in the busy Christmas period - although with contracts included as well, consumers might be more agnostic on when they pick up the latest tablet.