Has HTC given the boot to its 12-inch Windows RT tablet?

Has HTC given the boot to its 12 inch Windows RT tablet

Fresh reports are coming in claiming that HTC was planning as 12-inch Windows RT tablet, but has now decided against launching the device.

According to "people familiar with the matter" who spilled the beans to Bloomberg, the Taiwanese got cold feet about a "full-sized" Windows tablet.

It's claimed that HTC was concerned about a potentially lacklustre response from consumers, fearing demand wouldn't be strong enough.

Double trouble

Another issue with the 12-inch tablet was the cost, with components and production prices pushing up the retail price.

Apparently HTC isn't giving up on tablets completely, with the same sources revealing the firm is still planning to launch a pair of 7-inch slates - one running Windows RT and the other Android.

We can expect the smaller slates to arrive in around September or October - according to the unnamed sources - although pricing is still unknown. Let's just hope they do better than the HTC Flyer.

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