Carphone Warehouse sticks £530 tag on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab - 'slated' for release on 1 November
Samsung Galaxy Tab - 'slated' for release on 1 November

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available for a much-more-palatable £530 from Carphone Warehouse – with a £500 price tag if you are prepared to take out a £10 month data contract from Talk Mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has won many admiring glances, but an equal number of vigorous inhalations when the huge price tag is mentioned.

Of course data packages would appear to be a good way to cut back on the impact of the fee, and this is likely to be the first of several that knock some money off for signing up to a network.

Apples and Galaxys

Crucially the £530 package-free option from Carphone Warehouse brings the Samsung Galaxy Tab on line with the 16GB iPad from Apple.

The £10-a-month deal is on a rolling contract, but does carry a 1GB cap on data, but CW's offer does undercut the previous sales options by a significant margin.

Expect to see more of this kind of thing ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Tab's 1 November UK release date, with Vodafone and Three already confirming that they will offer the 7 inch Android 2.2 toting tablet.

Via Reg Hardware