What's the best Asus laptop?

Asus laptops
Find the best Asus laptop for you

It can be hard to choose which laptop to buy, but once you've found the brand you want then what next?
If you've settled on an Asus, then you're probably wondering what the best Asus laptop is for your budget.

Here we've gathered together the top models for your delectation.

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1. Asus K72F-TY011V

Asus laptops

The Asus K72F-TY011V should satisfy anyone looking for a solid and dependable desktop replacement machine. Portability is limited, despite the impressive battery life, but this is a highly usable and dependably powerful laptop.

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2. Asus G51Jx

The G51Jx proves itself to be a more than capable gaming rig, offering enough power and performance to play the latest gaming titles at full settings. It's also a highly versatile multimedia centre, which will suit you if you enjoy high definition movie editing, for example, when not playing the latest games.

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3. Asus K52JC-EX089V

Asus laptops

The Asus K52JC-EX089V impressed us on a number of levels. Power and performance are great, while the design, usability and portability on offer make this a great all-round machine for the family.

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4. Asus U53F Bamboo

Asus laptops

Despite the eco-friendly exterior, Asus' wood-covered laptop doesn't skimp on the power inside. An Intel Core i5 processor and Blu-ray playback make this ideal for media use.

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5. Asus K70IO-TY014V

Asus laptops

This is a very comfortable to use, and with it providing more graphical punch than most other laptops at this price, a surprisingly capable machine.

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