New Eee PC could have faster processor


The second-generation Asus Eee PC might yet come with an upgraded, faster processor. That’s what an Asus employee told TechRadar on the company’s stand at


earlier today.

The second-gen, 9-inch Eee PC (pictured) is due for release in June. The flash storage has been upped to 12GB and the screen has received a more generous upgrade. But the Intel Celeron M processor is still the same.

Room for some Eee improvement

However, an Asus employee told us that while the prototype models have the same Intel processors as the original models, this could still change.

“Yeah for sure, they might still put a better processor in there,” he said. “It’s not coming out until June, so until then they will be tinkering with the design to make it as good as it can be.”

The man (who wished to remain nameless) said that Asus was still having a play with the Bluetooth components in the new Eee PC, and that the processor too might get an overhaul. That would certainly please those waiting to buy one - although we'd also like to see an improvement to the battery life.

The new models will sell for €100 more than the original Eee PC, so a faster processor would certainly be a welcome addition.