MSI Wind first with Intel Pine Trail Atom CPU

MSI's latest Wind features the Intel Pine Trail Atom CPU

MSI's latest netbook is the first off the starting blocks to make use of Intel's latest Atom processor, the N450, or the more artfully named 'Pine Trail'.

MSI is quickly becoming the leading tech pioneer in the netbook market, offering mini computers with the fastest processors and the best battery lives months before its competitors at Asus, Acer and the like.

More to follow in Vegas

However, we expect to see lots more Pine Trail powered netbooks at CES in Vegas next month.

MSI's latest Wind U135 Windows 7 (starter) machine features a 250GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, a six-cell battery and MSI's upgraded keyboard and larger trackpad.

Intel's new lower-power, higher efficiency Pineview CPU (1.66GHz) now includes the graphics processor (GMA3150) and the memory controller.

The MSI Wind U135 is available now in the US priced at around the $330 mark.

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