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HTC mulling Chromebook device?

HTC mulling Chromebook device?
Samsung's Chromebook may soon have more company

HTC is reportedly considering creating an 'internet access device' using Chrome OS and Android.

According to Digitimes' component maker sources, the company is looking at combining "the advantages" of Chrome OS and Android for some kind of tablet or Chromebook device.

It's not abundantly clear how this dual-OS scenario would work, perhaps by dual-booting the two OSes or in some mash-up between the two.

We're not sure what form the 'internet access device' would take either - HTC has more heritage in mobile devices like the smartphone and tablet, but Chromebooks have thus far been netbook-style offerings and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) really has the tablet side of things covered.


The news that HTC is eyeing Chrome OS comes despite disappointing sales of the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks already on the market.

We're not really convinced that HTC would make a netbook - and with HTC and Google staying firmly silent on the matter and only Digitimes and its anonymous source's word to go on, we can't award this rumour much more than a grudging 'it's possible' on the TechRadar rumourometer.

It's possible

From Digitimes

Is there even life in the old Chromebook yet? We ask and answer the eternal cloud-loving netbook questions in our video on the topic below: