LiveTree ADEPT is democratizing content distribution for independent content creators in Film and TV


Blockchain today can be likened to the rise of dot-com in the 90’s. It is a revolution in the world of connected future, which is being adopted by industries and companies to innovate incorruptible secure platforms.

A good example of such a company is LiveTree, which is driving a whole new industry into the blockchain ecosystem. They are a known crowdfunding platform for the film and TV industry, which has seen a sustainable growth in last two years. They captured 5% market share in the UK entertainment crowdfunding market. 

The company recently announced a public sale for their new Seed token called LiveTree ADEPT (Advanced Decentralised Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution), which brings advancements to the world’s first blockchain-based end-to-end distribution platform for film and TV. It facilitates a direct connection between creator and backers allowing them to create contracts among themselves. 

The platform not only enhances functionality, but also cuts-down the cost involved in funding and distribution of films. ADEPT removes the hassle of navigating through complicated deal terms on paper or electronically, as there are several buyers and sellers are involved. Usually, distribution is often restricted by complex contractual negotiations, private wealth, insider information or even the corrupt executives. Also, the contracts, transactions and copyrights are securely logged on the blockchain making things transparent, accessible and easily accountable.

In simple words, the platform simplifies film and TV management, funding and distribution for independent creators. It also gives a power to people to choose which film should be made by giving them the opportunity to fund it.

How does LiveTree help content creation for film and TV?

It is the only platform that offers such a funding and distribution system for film and TV. ADEPT offers noteworthy advantages in several key areas of content creation, mainly funding and distribution.

Content creators can get rewards and also secure funding from the backers in exchange for the distribution sale of their IP, or a share of the content’s future value. Moreover, the processing fees for creators comes down to 2.5%, which is less than half of the current industry rates of 5% to 20% charged by competing crowdfunding platforms. 

The platform is not limited to high traditional backers, studios, broadcasters or net-worth individuals. It allows anyone to invest and make profit from the content. Additionally, it eliminates the bias ‘cookie-cutter approach’, so that the content in accordance with consumer choice and diversity. Livetree’s Token Sale system gives the control back to creators, allowing them to earn in the form of digital seeds. These are called LiveTree Seed.

This also opens a wider distribution network for creators by allowing them to choose amongst opportunity like online streaming, traditional broadcast and LiveTree’s own Blossom TV. 

Blossom TV is a new online-distributed channel from the company similar to Netflix. It works on a subscription based model, where consumers are invited to pre-fund the content in making. Blockchain introduces transparency where backers can see returns on their investments in a timely manner. Further, its open-rating system provides a better insight of the content to the distributors and potential investors. Which helps them get a quick and easy access to new content, while helping them identify demand for specific genres.

LiveTree ADEPT also increases the reach of the content with the help of YouTube, Vimeo and other online  channels. It helps first-time content creators looking to gain exposure at considerably lower cost.

Over the last two years, LiveTree has partnered with a number of reputed institutions such as British Film Institute’s Future Labs, Film London, Red Rock Entertainment, along with worldwide database of over 14,000 contacts from across the entertainment industry. 

Interested readers can still buy the seed from the ongoing token sale.