Asus Eee's get bigger keyboards

Asus Eee PCs to get bigger keyboards

Asus is addressing the criticisms levelled at its popular, low-cost Eee PC's small keyboard, by introducing two new models with larger keyboards.

According to the usually pretty reliable Asus insider sources cited on Digitimes, Asus is planning to launch two new Eee PC models (904 and 905) – both with an 8.9-inch panel but put together with a similar sized chassis and keyboard as the company's 10.2-inch models.

Better battery on way?

It is expected that these two Eee PCs will eventually replace the current 900 and 901 models. TechRadar has contacted Asus UK for further information.

The Eee PC 904 and 905 will use Atom processors. Asus is apparently evaluating whether or not to add improved battery and storage capacity to the Eee PC 904 and 905.