Apricot returns to UK with a netbook

Apricot returns to UK with a cheeky little new netbook

In a blast from the past, Apricot Computers has returned to the UK with an entry into the every-growing netbook market.

Apricot's PicoBook Pro boasts the standard 8.9-inch screen, weighs 0.98kg with 1GB RAM, Bluetooth, two USB 2.0 ports and a memory card slot, Linux or Windows XP options (XP costing a little extra, of course), with a 60GB hard drive and (claimed) battery life of 4 hours.

Decent battery

If the battery life claims are anywhere near four hours, then this, along with the optional WiMAX support, at a competitive (starting) price of £279, is a netbook that might actually do the one thing we want it to do – offer a capable work-machine with a useable "generous-sized" keyboard for up to a half day's work while away from a power source.

What's more, Apricot Computers claims the device is both eco-friendly and speedy to boost, with its ultra-low voltage (ULV) 1.2GHz and a boot-up time of under 30 seconds.

Available now to order for shipping on 1 November, the £279 price point is for the version with Linux pre-installed, XP will be charged extra.