YouTube turns video editor once more, adds intros and outros

YouTube turns video editor once more adds intros and outros

Taking another step into the world of professional videomaking, YouTube has added another new feature to the video-upload site.

Now uploaders will be able to create intros and outros for their movies straight on the site, avoiding the need to fire up a video-editing suite and battle through the myriad credit options available.

Tube-ular bells and whistles

YouTube has slowly but surely been building a video-editing arsenal on its site, offering users a variety of royalty free music, transitions, video templates and now intros and outros.

The reason: it has been trying for ages to get the world to take it seriously as a video site and not just a place full of copyrighted content and cats.

Offering its users these pro tools not only makes YouTube's videos that little bit more enticing to watch, it means that it may draw in a better class of videographer to the site.

Well, one that likes cats but can film them in an arty way, complete with an introduction and credits perhaps.

Via TheNextWeb