YouTube launches citizen journalists' channel

YouTube launches citizen journalists' channel

YouTube is launching a channel dedicated to 'citizen journalists' making it even easier for any would-be investigative reporter or celebrity paparazzi with a mobile phone video camera to make the news.

YouTube Direct will deliver content from citizen journalists to professional TV and online news editors.

Broadcast news organisations will also be able to request certain types of content from amateur hacks who happen to be on the scene at breaking news events (or who are attending major entertainment spectacles).

Recognition from legitimate channels

"News organizations always want to verify the content they use," said Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube.

"It's an incentive to upload great video, because of the recognition you'll get from legitimate news organizations," he added.

The Huffington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and a number of US TV stations are already signed up to test out YouTube's new service.

No news yet as to if and when major UK news outlets might trial the latest online newsgathering scheme. You can see one of the first examples of YouTube Direct in action over on Boston's 7 News.

Via Reuters