Yahoo launches new APT ad platform

Yahoo expands its advertising offering before Google deal kicks in

Beleagured Yahoo! boss Jerry Wang had a welcome good news day today, as he launched the search engine's new APT advertising platform.

The Web-based system aims to simplify the process of planning, buying, and selling display ads online, and has already got a couple of Silicon Valley newspapers (the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News) on board.

Madison Avenue moves west

There was no mention of the company's controversial advertising deal with Google, where Google ads would appear alongside Yahoo! search results, as Mad Men star Jon Hamm unveiled the new technology.

APT can apparently increase the cross-selling of ads, provide sophisticated audience targeting techniques based on geography and behaviour and grow advertising revenue. Or in other words, make it easier for big business to pick our virtual pockets.

APT will be available to other publishers and advertisers early next year, if the company is still around, of course.