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When it comes to our data, we trust Google more than we trust the government


We trust Google, Apple and Microsoft more than the government when it comes to our personal data, techradar's own survey has revealed.

The survey, which collected 3,563 responses, revealed that 31% of people trusted the government least with their data, with only Facebook beating it for "least trusted" with 33% of the votes.

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Google was considered least trusted by 10%, with Apple and Microsoft at a surprising 5%.

61% of the people surveyed said they also could not live without certain apps, and yet, ironically, Facebook and the Facebook-owned WhatsApp topped the survey's list of most used social media platforms. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Meanwhile, the UK is the least trusting, and Asia the most trusting, when it comes to personal data.

Apple, Google and Microsoft were rated the three most trusted brands, with 33% saying they trusted Facebook the least - and 39% saying they didn't trust any brand at all.