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You lose 2.5 days a year to slow websites

The survey by shows surfers are getting fed up with slow-loading websites

Slow-loading websites cost Brits 2.5 days of their lives every year, and users take out their web rage on others and their computer kit. That's according to new research by for 1&1 Internet which looked into 1,600 internet users' chief net-related moans.

Over 50 per cent of those polled were annoyed by slow loading sites, while 7 per cent admitted to taking their resulting web rage out in the form of physical aggression. Just think of all those poor battered keyboards.

More likely is short temperedness, which affected around 280 of the respondents. Half of all the polled users said they abandon slow-loading websites after 30 seconds, while 25 per cent won't wait more than 10 seconds. reckons Northern Ireland reacts the worst to slow-loads. Some 22 per cent of respondents said such websites make them want to "throw their computers out of the window". That's double the rate elsewhere.

Around 85 per cent of respondents - equating to 31.5 million Brits - also think that a slow-loading website negatively affects their perceptions of the company or organisation that runs the site.