Great Scott! Back to the Future recreated in real-time... on Twitter

Great Scott Back to the Future recreated in real time on Twitter

Little short of entertainment this weekend, slackers? Why not check out The Hill Valley Project on Twitter? It's a group of Back to the Future fanatics who're just, you know, playing the whole movie out on Twitter in real time. As you do.

As it's 28 years since The Doc and Marty first stepped into the DeLorean on October 25 1985, the group has commemorated the occasion by creating over 50 Twitter accounts, one for each in the movie.

The characters are interacting with each other through quotes, complete with @replies, mentions and *actions*

At 7:45am (UK time) yesterday morning Marty stepped into Doc's gadget-ridden house and about an hour ago, he was touched-up by his own mother. You can enjoy the rest of the movie, as it happened, by subscribing to this list.

More blips!

More blips, Buttheads.